I think pretty much the first words (behind Mommy and Daddy) that  #1 learned to speak were probably COCO and DODO.  No, not Cocoa as in Hot Cocoa, and not DODO as in doo doo or dodo bird. Let me ‘splain. 

As I have said before Hubby and I met and married in New Orleans.  But what I may not have mentioned is that when we married I drove a Mazda RX7.  My beloved car.  That might not seem too far fetched or unusual except for the fact that Hubby is almost 6’8” and half Japanese, yeah… an odd combo).  Needless to say he could not only NOT drive my car (he couldn’t fit behind the wheel), he could BARELY fit on the passenger side!  His knees were pretty much up around his neck.  Plus the fact that IF he could have fit behind the wheel, it was a 5 speed and Hubby does NOT do manual transmissions.

It was also a two seater… so when #1 was born we used to have to WEDGE her car seat in between the two front seats if he was in the car with me.  So, shortly after she was born, adios RX7 Hola more kid-friendly vehicle.  Hubby’s vehicle of choice was a customized (and FULL sized) Dodge Ram Van.  I won’t say whether or not I actually made VERYCLOSE contact with objects on the side of the road at first…. But it WAS a big adjustment to go from driving a little sports car to driving a H U G E honkin’ van!  So… IF I wanted a vehicle during the day, I had to get up and get dressed and get #1 dressed and drive Hubby to work.  Plus #1 would NOT sit in the back because she couldn’t see (this was when she was close to a year old) so I had to strap her car seat in the front and I either had to sit on a cooler between the two front seats or I had to sit in the back and since I tended to get car sick I’d sit on the cooler.  C’mon – don’t judge!  That was before all those seat belt laws.

I’m not sure where else they have them but in New Orleans we had little convenience stores called Time Savers (you know the little ditty? “Time –Save,  Save – Time… Time time saver c’mon”).  I guess like a Fast Fare or 7 -11 would be my best comparison.   Anyway, it became  our “ritual” when I took him to work to stop at the Time-Saver at the end of our subdivision and get Hubby his great nutritious breakfast of COCO DODO, which was a donut and a coke.  COCO of course was Coca Cola and DODO was donut since that was all our 1 year old could pronounce.  Yes, HE… to my consternation, would give our barely 1 year old Coke and Donuts for breakfast.  And she LOVED it. 

If he was off work he would get his coke and donut and then take #1 by her little hand and walk to the end of our driveway to get the paper and the two of them would sit in he middle of the driveway in the sunshine, him sitting cross-legged and her sitting in the little hollow created by his crossed legs and they would read the paper, eat their donuts and drink their coke.  It was their little daddy/daughter time.  


BUT it got to the point where I could NOT pass a Time Saver (and I don’t care WHAT time it was) since she could now recognize the signs without her SCREAMING at the top of her lungs COCO DODO!  COCO DODO! Because I wasn’t going to be a party to that I would not stop because I was TRYING to be a good mom and wait until I got her back home to give her NUTRITIOUS food. 

It wasn’t that he’d give her a whole donut and a whole coke but it was enough sugar that she LIKED it and she wanted it every time she saw a friggin’ Time Saver.  And Heaven Forbid you had to stop at a Time Saver for something else.  She would scream and lean to whatever area the COCO DODO was located in the store bouncing her little body up and down in my arms for emphasis as she screamed COCO DODO and then would start crying with her little arms outstretched towards them.  I was surprised her little teeth didn’t rot out before they ever broke her gums!  And now, she has beautiful teeth but I think she probably still loves her COCO DODO!

Nothing wrong with those teeth now!


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13 Responses to COCO & DODO

  1. suzicate says:

    Oh, that is just precious!

  2. You went from an RX7 to a VAN???? I nearly snorted my coffee when I read that! OMG! The things we do for love!

    Also, I love your description of the good old/bad old days when we did what we did with our kids, and hey! They lived through it and we live to tell the tales! I brought my kids home from the hospital held in my arms in the front seat of the car. It’s what we did!

  3. NikNik says:

    I love this story! And I realy like the new layout too!

  4. carma says:

    she does have beautiful teeth, despite all the COCO…

  5. gregjohn says:

    Nice story and beautiful photos.

    And you did a wonderful job on your blog.
    It’s beautiful.
    I’m so proud of you.

  6. Angelia Sims says:

    I can’t blame her! More COCO and DODO right here please 🙂 That is an aweeeesome kid.

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