My Daughter Is A Dog

My Daughter is a Dog. No, I don’t mean I have one of those four legged furry critters that I consider my kid. And I don’t mean I think my daughter is ugly. Quite the contrary! I mean it with the best possible intentions. Let me ‘splain. Or let me re-phrase: My daughter is a DAWG. For as far back as I can remember she has wanted to be a DAWG. (Or maybe her DAD wanted her to be) Here’s proof: 

I wanna be a DAWG!


From the time she thought to talk about going to college she always wanted to go to the University of Georgia. We decided we would do whatever was within our power to help her with that dream…as long as she did HER part. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the Georgia Educational System, several years ago they started what we call the HOPE scholarship and when #1 was in high school the requirements were that if you maintained a “B average” throughout your high school career, the State of Georgia would pay for your college tuition and a good sum towards your books for you to attend any public Georgia college that you were accepted to. She did her part in maintaining the “B average” so now our part was to get her accepted into UGA. 

Over the last several years the qualifications to be accepted to UGA have risen almost every year. The minimum SAT and ACT scores have risen every year. She had met their minimum requirements and had a good essay but that might not have been enough to push her over the top. I mean every kid in Georgia just about wants to go to UGA and the competition is tough, SO…I did what any self-respecting loving mama would do for her kids. I pulled the race card. That’s right! I admit it, openly and freely. Shut up… you know you’d do the same thing if you could! 

I know every college SAYS they don’t have quotas to fill but we all know they do, so…. You know that if you are 1/8 of any ethnicity you can “claim” that race, right? And since MY family ethnicity roughly translates to “mutt” with nothing other than Caucasian comprising more than ¼ (which would be 1/8 for them) I knew I had to look to my husband. BINGO! Since he is ½ Japanese that makes them ¼ which meets the requirement for being a minority. So on all their college applications we marked their race as Asian/Pacific Islander. As bad as it sounds…. I think that was what put her over the edge. I don’t care what you say. But it also led to some interesting “situations” if you will. 

When #1 was in the very beginning of her senior year of high school we had decided to explore some other universities “just in case” things fell through with UGA. We had requested and accepted materials from several other well known southern universities. One such school had sent us an invitation to “tea” at the home of a local alumnus to check out what they had to offer. We graciously accepted the offer. 

The designated evening #1 and I arrived at the home of the alumnus. We are the second “set” to arrive. There is already a young black female and her mom in the living room. We get our beverage and settle in. There are 3 other people there. Two employed at the university representing the MCC from the university and the alumnus. I knew this because there was a sign as we entered that said “BLAH BLAH University MCC welcomes you. I had no clue what MCC meant and didn’t really care. As we wait for the “meeting” to begin another “set” arrives. A Latino male and his mom. Dense me… still not sinking in. Then another knock at the door and a young black male and his dad. Still dense. Then a Japanese male and his mom, then…. Well, you get the picture and I STILL didn’t. 

So, we are sitting there and one of the university employees looks around the room and then looks back at me and my daughter. Then she does the once over again. Then I notice the other attendees are kind of looking at the other attendees and their gaze always settles on us. I’m still not getting what is going on. The university lady walks over and sits beside me and puts her hand on my arm and in this genteel southern drawl says “Sweetie… how did YALL find out about our little git togethuh?” STILL not dawning on me, I reply that we had gotten a postcard in the mail inviting us and that our daughter had gotten an email concerning it. With furrowed brow and a definite look of confusion on her face she goes “REALLY?” And I am STILL not getting it. OK, I think that might be considered a slight bit MORE than dense. 

As the evening wears on and they give their little spiel about how their university wants to make sure all their students can stay in touch with their heritage and then the mention “Multi Cultural Committee” ,. Ladies and gentlemen… we have a winner!!! DING DING DING…. the bell FINALLY goes off!!! O OOHHH… so THAT was why she looked at us so strangely. 

During the break I walk over to the OTHER university employee and say “Umm, I guess you’re wondering why my daughter and I are here?” She starts sputtering and stammering and is like “No, NO… we weren’t wondering at ALL.” Nice try… so I explained that contrary to appearance my daughter WAS Asian. And that was how we had gotten the invitation. She smiled sweetly, swallowed loudly and said “Uh, thanks for explainin’ but I really wadn’t wonderin’.” Sure you weren’t! Honestly, it WAS amusing. 

But back to being a dog… we could have saved ourselves the anguish of that night because she did procure an early acceptance to her school of choice. She had only applied to 3 schools and 2 of those under duress and only because I INSISTED she not put all her eggs in one basket… just in case. She was accepted to ALL THREE… but the other two didn’t matter. She was gonna be a DAWG!!! 

Ready to 'tackle' UGA


Of course due to the pull of too much freshman partying with too many unsupervised nights, her GPA did fall below the minimum for HOPE and she almost lost all “hope” thinking she was going to have to move back home and go to another school but she pulled it together and did graduate from UGA. Of course she took the 5 year route… but she made it. This is a picture of her with her dad graduating in her beloved red and black. 



She now lives in the middle of UT (TN) country and her neighbors are DIE hard TN fans. All up and down her street you can see the orange and while flags and signs and blow up apparatus. She and her hubby’s favorite past time now is torturing their neighbors by proudly displaying their red and black ESPECIALLY during football season! GO DAWGS SIC “EM WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! 

It's great to be a Georgia Bulldog!


Dressed like this if she can: 

UGA tailgating


So, when I say my daughter is a dog, you know I mean it in the most loving way possible!


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13 Responses to My Daughter Is A Dog

  1. Oh, funny story!
    Your daughter is beautiful!

  2. I love the tea at the “mullti cultural” event. (She really is 1/4 Asian.) She may be 1/4 Asian, but for sure she’s 4/4ths gorgeous!

    • pegbur7 says:

      Thank you Linda….It makes for some unusual situations… like my mom’s friend told em one “If I didn’t know better I’d swear that baby was part Oriental!” To which I replied “Probably because she is.” And her retort? “OH… I’m SO Sorry!!” Wasn’t sure if she was sorry because she thought she had insulted me or because she was Asian! LOL

  3. NikNik says:

    That really was quite an adventure, wasn’t it? I wonder if other families have stuff like this happen to them? Almost all of your stories are about something crazy that has happened to us!! Oh well, I think it keeps us interesting!

  4. Jane says:

    What a great story! I was mesmerized because my daughter wants to be a DAWG, too! She has wanted it ever since I took her to a UGA gymnastics meet. She’s a junior now and she refuses to even consider another school. But, like you, I’m anxious. You might be getting a panic email from me shortly!

  5. GregoryJ says:

    I think you are a beautiful blogger, Peg. Here is the Proof

  6. Angelia says:

    Awesome! Good for her! She lived her dream. Incredible! 🙂 I have it similar as far as being a fan goes. I am a BIG TIME OU fan in TEXAS country. Ugggggh!!! I feel her pain.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Yeah, she and her hubby both graduated from UGA and now he’s getting his doctorate at Vanderbilt but when Vandy and UGA play I think he still roots for UGA. I don’t think she’d allow him NOT to! LOL

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