Dress Up

To say that my daughters are stubborn is an extreme understatement. But I think #2 might be the most stubborn.  Especially when it came to clothes and when she was younger.  I admit, when they were younger I would sometimes dress #1 and #2 alike. 

With their matching red striped dresses

matching overalls

 I mean, the same doctor delivered them both and when #2 was born he made the comment that it was like delivering the identical twin to #1… just 19 mos later!  They looked  alike and were almost the exact same size at birth.  They were both 8 lbs 13 oz, 21 in long with 14 in chest.  And both had a head full of dark brown hair.  Since they were so close in age, they just looked so darned cute dressed alike. 

In their Mickey T Shirts

their pink sundresses

 Plus Hubby worked in a mall that had an adorable children’s clothing store that had even MORE adorable children’s clothes and they gave us a discount  – a lot. 

Yes, they liked Mickey!

pink shirts

Lots of times when Hubby got paid he would go by and pick them out “the latest” until #2 was about 3 or 4 and decided she didn’t like frilly or flowers or pink very much.   Then I started dressing them in similar styles but different colors.  #1 ALWAYS liked flowers and pink and lace and pastels.  #2 would wear purple but preferred brighter colors to pastels and liked more green and red and blue.  

Even cousin got in on the act this day in their pink overalls

I remember once Hubby brought home little one piece outfits for them, I can’t remember now what they called them, but they had long puffy pants, ¾ length sleeves, big rounded collars and the pattern to the fabric was flowers.  He had bought a pink flowered one for #1 and a purple flowered one for #2.  Well, this particular time, #2 decided she did want the pink like her sister.  She threw such a fit that a few days later I took them in to eat with their daddy and we made a special trip by the children’s store  to exchange hers for the same pink one her sister had. 

That weekend we went to the Ringling Bros circus at the (before it was torn down) Omni  and I decided this would be the perfect occasion to debut their matching little pink outfits.   #1 dressed herself without delay.  #2 decided she no longer wanted pink… WTF????  After I drove ALL the way out to the mall where her daddy worked with the main purpose to be that of exchanging the original one she had for the pink one?  AN HOUR LATER we emerged from the bedroom, me sweaty and exhausted because I had literally had to HOLD HER DOWN to put the frigging outfit on her.  Mind you, I DO realize she was only like 3 or 4 but I couldn’t let her get away with that kind of defiance now could I?  My hubby was like “Pick your battles, baby!”  And I’m like… “I AM and I’m picking NOW!”  Needless to say, she was NOT a happy camper but she DID wear that outfit, albeit under much duress.  But I was happy because I thought she had learned her lesson and would NOT pitch that kind of fit again about her clothes because now she knew that I was the boss and wasn’t gonna back down either.  (Did I mention that maybe that apple didn’t fall too far from the tree?) 

So, a few months later hubby brought home the most adorable little outfits, which I am sorry to say I cannot find a single picture of them with those on.  They consisted of pink and grey cuffed leggings, a little flared pink skirt that went over the leggings and a little pink sweatshirt that I think had pouffy sheep on it if I remember correctly.  The BOTH loved those outfits as did I.  By now #2 is in Pre-K which was located at the local high school.  We had to drop them off at like 10 in the morning and pick them up I think at 1:30. Anyway, #2 absolutely ADORED going to Pre-K which made me very happy because I was afraid she wouldn’t and it gave me a couple hours to de-stress.  She hated when she couldn’t go.  And I admit, sometimes, I might have used that as a bargaining chip.  What’s that #2?  You don’t want to pick up your toys?  Fine, no Pre-K tomorrow!  ( Hey…. Don’t judge!  You know you totally would too if you’d thought of it.) 

So, this one day, she decides that she wants to wear her leggings outfit to Pre-K, so I get it out and start helping her get dressed. She has on the leggings and shirt and I’m starting to put on the skirt and she starts running off. 

Me:  Come back here #2!  Silly girl. I’ve still gotta take a shower. Let’s put on your skirt. 

#2:  NO!  Not gonna! 

Me:  C’mon silly.  We gotta hurry so you won’t be late. 

#2:  NO!  Not gonna! 

Me:  C’mon baby.  Not funny anymore.  Let’s put on your skirt so your skirt so you can go to school! 

#2:  NO!  Not gonna! 

Getting  the picture? 

I pleaded and cajoled and by this point, yes, it had turned into a battle of the wills.  I SHOULD have just let her wear something else but now I was as  determined that she was gonna wear it as she was that she was NOT gonna wear that skirt.  And yes, I suppose I guess she could have worn it without the skirt but dang it… she was NOT gonna win this battle… next time it would be WORSE if I let her get away with it this time.  I pulled out the BIG GUNS…. 

Me:  I’m gonna call Daddy! 

#2:  Don’t care!  Not gonna. 

Me:  Yes, sweetie, you are because Daddy is gonna MAKE you! 

We call Daddy at work (yeah, I know it was something stupid to interrupt his work day over but C’MON!  First thing he says (after I explain the situation) is “Why does she HAVE to wear the skirt part?”  Are  you KIDDING me?  You ‘re supposed to be my back-up.  Because I SAID SO.  Fine, put her on the phone.  By the time Daddy is done with her (we’ve been married a LONG time… he knows better than to question my motives too much. It’s easier to go along) her little lip is quivering and I almost feel bad enough to give in.  I pick up the skirt and turn around to hang up the phone.  I turn back around and she is GONE… Now I have to chase her around the house and literally HOLD her down to put this frigging skirt on her.  I know, I know… I‘m SUPPOSED to be the adult here…. Shut up! 

So, skirt on, I put her in time out while I run take a shower so I can get her to school.  I get out of the shower in record time and can hear her fussing up a storm in the other room.  I throw a towel around me and run into the kitchen to catch her kneeling on a chair at the table, scissors in hand, TRYING with all her little might to cut the skirt up!   Good try, but, now I’m starting to get mad.  Those clothes cost good money!  I try to explain to her that if she doesn’t wear the skirt she is NOT going to Pre-K today.  Crying, she runs off.  I think I have won.  I get dressed and come out to her sulking in the living room, sans skirt.  I FORCE the skirt on her and grab my purse to head out the door.  We are already late.  As we get to the door (I’m holding her) she sticks out her leg to push herself (and me since I am holding her) back from the door.  Now I’m having to hold this skirming, screaming, struggling little sack of jello long enough to strap her into her car seat.  She SCREAMS the whole way to Pre-K.  We pull up to the school and the “helper” comes out to get her.  She kicks the door lock with her foot so she can’t open the door.  OK!  It’s gonna be like THAT? I put the van in park, TAKE the keys with me, and go around to get her out. By this time the Pre-K teacher is outside.  I am literally struggling to get this hissy fit throwing child out of her car seat and into the building because now she’s using her legs to keep herself IN the van.  By now I need the break of her being away from me for about 3 hours!  I’m thinking it will be best for BOTH our safety. 

Pre-K Teacher:  Well, well, well…. What seems to be the problem this morning #2? 


ME:  Don’t ask. We’ve had a little problem with our wardrobe selection today, but, we’ve got it under control now. 

Pre-K T:  Yes, (tongue in cheek) I can SEE we do! Can I help? 

Me:  No, I’ve got it! (probably a little angrier than I needed to be at HER) 


Pre-K teacher turns to helper:  Why don’t you help get #2 out and take her inside while Mommy and I talk over here by the swings. 

We walk over to the swings (out of earshot of #2) and we “discuss” the situation. I explain to her what has transpired the last couple of hours.  She tries to explain to me that I should understand that you can’t win an argument with a 4 year old (I CAN’T???) And that now that she’s THERE and I have proved my point, I should just let her take the skirt OFF and stay.   I turn around to find #2 standing just inside the gate, with the skirt on the ground, STOMPING it into the dirt!  OH. NO.  SHE.  DIDN’T!!!  I turn to Pre-K teacher and say : Oh, I CAN’T win an argument with a 4 year old , can I? Watch me! 

I stormed over, snatched her little butt up (and the now filthy skirt) and strapped her back in her car seat and took her back home, kicking, screaming and  crying the whole way…. Okay, maybe by now we BOTH were crying.  

SO,… SHE didn’t get to go to her much beloved Pre-K that day and I got to listen to a 4 year old pitch a hissy fit for an entire afternoon…..not really sure WHERE the victory was in that, but, I won!   I think…?


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10 Responses to Dress Up

  1. Oh Peg, this is just too funny. But Honey, nobody won that day. With my darling Abbey (now age 5) my son and his wife have taken the view of “just let her” when it comes to clothing. Now I admit, seeing Abbey walk in wearing pajama pants, a tutu, and a bathing cap and breathing apperatus sometimes give me pause, but hey! It’ s a statement right? Abbey is the youngest of 4, and so there were plenty of battles to learn from. Great post!

    • Peggy says:

      I think I’d like Abbey! Sounds like my kind of girl. #2 Definately dances to the beat of her own little drummer. I have a pic of her from her sister’s wedding where she has on her brown and pink bridesmaids dress and green track shoes! Gotta love her! I do love that she is independant and doesn’t care what other people think. My excuse? I was learning… yeah, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  2. GregoryJ says:

    I could not be a parent. I would not want to give in. I would feel bad if I did. I mean, the adult should make the decisions and train the child to make good decisions.
    If not at 4, when? Maybe talk to that teacher again and see what she says. Maybe there is a plan.
    God Bless you.

    • pegbur7 says:

      Funny thing about that teacher…When it came time for Pre-K graduation, she said she didn’t think #2 was ready for school for that she would be a good student. Was she ever WRONG! #2 was in Program challenge by second grade, was always in advanced classes, ending up being salutatorian of her class and went to Carnegie Mellon on an almost full ride scholarship! I’d love to see what she thinks NOW?

      And that was my problem… I thought I had to teach them by example…. ummmmm….. I think mission accomplished… they are ALL THREE stubborn as all get out! That darn dad of theirs! LOL

  3. GregoryJ says:

    Third time I did this today. Came to thank you for your comment on my blog and got caught up in the post.

  4. suzicate says:

    #2 is my kinda girl! Gotta love that fierce independence and stubborness! Too bad it took me so long to claim it!!

  5. All of us kinda have that little stubborn streak? Peg! You’re kidding, right! Goose!

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