The Flasher

I am a proud mama and I have always thought my kids were smarter than the average bear. Of course that’s because they ARE, but, I have sometimes been amazed by them.  I instilled a love of reading in them and always made sure we had plenty of reading material in our house.  They may not have always had the latest toys and gadgets but they ALWAYS had a new book. I have probably spent WAY more on books than the average person because I love to read. I never felt bad about spending money on reading material or educational games for them. When my older two (who are 1 ½ years apart) were pretty small I found this educational product called The Magic School Bus.  It was a green plastic bus that was filled with games and puzzles and flash cards, etc.  Daughter #1 and #2 and I would sit on the living room floor for HOURS playing those games.  I was a stay at home mom during those years and I fully enjoyed being home with my kids. I remember I had neighbors who from time to time would make comments like “Being home with the kids is driving me crazy! I can’t wait to go back to work!”  I could never understand that. I LOVED being a stay at home mom and being there with my girls and doing things with them.  The particular instance that comes to mind, I think #1 was probably 3 years old or maybe 3 and a half.  Every day we would work with those flash cards for at least an hour a day. . . MINIMUM.  Some times she’d get the words right and sometimes not.  But one day we were sitting there and EVERY SINGLE card I held up she knew what the word was. I was AMAZED!  I was thinking “My kid is a freaking GENIUS!”  We must have gone through those cards 3 times each and she didn’t miss a single one! 

Magic Bus age

I could not wait for Hubby to get home to show him.  I didn’t dare tell him over the phone because I wanted him to see first- hand how brilliant our little girl was!  I even kept her up way past her bedtime until he got home so I could show him.  I made him sit on the sofa and I pulled the cards out and sat in front of her like I had that day.  I pulled out the first card. I think it was a cat.  She said house or something like that.  I looked at the card and looked at her and said “Are you sure honey?”  She is shaking her head like yes, yes, yes and my husband is looking at me like “Now what am I supposed to be watching?”  I tell him to hold on… pull out another card and same thing. She gets it wrong… again…. We went through the whole stack and she did not get a single one right!  How could this be?  Today she got them all right …. THREE times!  My husband looked at me like Yeah, right… and WHAT have you been smoking?

The next day after lunch we pull out the Magic School Bus and after a couple of “fun” games I sat her down again and we started going through the cards… She got them all right AGAIN….. We went through them 3 times again and she got them all right!  Again, when hubby comes home I go through the whole process again…. Not a single one right!  What is wrong with my kid? She’s a freakin’ genius by day and turns into a moron when the sun goes down? I truly could NOT figure it out.  It was totally puzzling.  This went on for DAYS…. Every day she’d get them all right and every night she would miss all of them.  Finally my husband was off during the day and after lunch we pull out the Magic School  Bus.  We start through them and she gets them ALL right. Now my husband is as excited as I am. He goes “Give me those cards and let ME do it with her!” So I hand him the cards…. She doesn’t get any right.  He hands them back to me and she gets about the first 15 right and I hold up the next one and she sits there and turns her head from side to side like she’s trying to figure it out and then takes my hand and moves it up about 10 inches and then tells me what the card says.  Now I’m wondering if there is something wrong with her vision?  Was I holding them at a different angle at night that she couldn’t see?  About 5 more she got right and then again she got that perplexed look and moved my hand and goes “I don’t know Mommy. I can’t see!”  OMG… My child does have a vision problem!  “What do you mean you can’t see, honey?”  And then she turns the card OVER and shows me the picture on the other side and says “I can’t see THAT!”  So all this time my child was NOT a genius other than she had figured out if I held the card up high enough, the sun was shining through the card so that she could see the picture on the back.  Ok… she might not have been smarter than the average bear but I guess she was smarter than her mom!

And they still love each other! 🙂


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11 Responses to The Flasher

  1. Jane says:

    What a great story! Too funny!

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    I beg to differ, she WAS genius!!! Haha.

  3. NikNik says:

    Why cant I be that smart and crafty now? Guess I’m getting too old to be that smart!

  4. LisaF says:

    I was a stay-at-home mom when ours were young too, and I loved every second! I’d still be a stay-at-home mom if I could…they are both in their twenties now. Doubt if I could get away with that one.

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