Can Someone Fix My Broken Alarm?

My alarm doesn’t seem to be working correctly.  It’s fairly new.  I’ve only had it about 7 or 8 months.  Every night before I go to bed I set my clock radio for 6 A. M. and every morning without fail my alarm wakes me at 5 A. M.  I think it never learned to tell time.  Oh, did I mention that my morning alarm is gray and white and has a heart shape on his nose?  And he’s furry?  Oh, yeah… My morning alarm is my kitty Poe.   Look at his little heart shaped nose! 


Hubby says that Poe is an attention whore.  He also says that Poe is never more than two feet from me.  That’s not exactly true but it’s pretty close. I think Hubby is just jealous of him sometimes.  LOL  If I go into the toilet part of our bathroom he  (Poe, not hubby) will sit outside the door and poke his little paws under the door.   When I get in the shower he sits outside the shower door on the rug.  When I put on my make-up he sits on my feet.  So, maybe hubby’s got something there. 

His favorite spot. On ME!

Every morning at 5 A. M. he crawls up on my arm and lays there with his front paws and head hanging over my shoulder.  He will lie there quietly for about 10 or 15 seconds. He’s not very patient.  If I don’t open my eyes and acknowledge that he’s there or reach out and start petting him he will reach out his little paw and start tapping my face with his paw.  He is a funny little kitty.  He was the runt of the litter and now he’s almost twice the size of his sister.  He is the offspring of one of the many strays that have taken up at our house since we’ve moved out here in the country. 

Poe & La La hiding in my suitcase.

This is Poe’s mommy.  

Poe's mommy earning her name.

When she first showed up at our house, youngest was sitting near the back door on the computer and she came up to the back door and started meowing. Youngest thought she was one of our cats that we were supposed to have so she opened the back door and this strange kitty that we’d never seen before just walked into our house like she’d been here her whole life.  Youngest of course started freaking out.  But she was so pretty and sweet kitty and we tried to find out where she lived but apparently some thoughtless person dropped her near here and she smelled our invisible tuna welcome sign and found her way here.  I refused to name her at first for fear of becoming “the crazy cat woman”.  Oldest said I was too late.  I already was.  My husband named her “New Bridge” (don’t ask why… made no sense to me either) but I still refused to call her anything but homeless kitty.  Turns out she was pregnant and she gave birth to FIVE babies…. Yes, that’s right…. FIVE!  

After they got old enough for her to start going outside again, every time she would come in the kitties would attack her and one day hubby said “Uh, oh… here comes the milk truck”.  So… now she’s been rechristened “Milk Truck”.  Yes, we have strange names for our kitties.  Hubby ended up finding homes for three of the five babies and by the time we got to the last two he said it was like giving away our kids so we kept them.  Poe and his sister, La La were the last two.  Yes, they were named after teletubbies.  Dipsey was one that we gave away.  La La and Poe  love each other.  It’s the first time we’ve had sibling kitties and it’s been quite an experience.  

Even more of an experience is trying to figure out how to break Poe of waking me up every morning at 5 A. M.  We have tried locking him out of the bedroom and then he just cries at the door or scratches under the door and tears up the carpet and I still can’t sleep.  We’ve tried locking him in the bathroom with  pretty much the same results.  We’ve tried putting him out of the house at house at night and he’ll just scratch at the door that leads from our bedroom to the patio or he’ll even hang on the screen (which I think he learned from his mommy).  And I’m afraid to leave any of them out for extended periods of time because we do have coyotes that hang out on the driving range behind our house and we’ve already had 2 or 3 kitties go missing over the last 5 years.  

So, if anyone has suggestions on how to teach him to tell time and let me sleep until 6 or 7 on weekends, I’m all ears!


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5 Responses to Can Someone Fix My Broken Alarm?

  1. suzicate says:

    I know who the Teltubbies are because I work with small children, what’s your excuse?! Ha! Love “Milk Truck”…that is original! Look on the bright side, at least your alarm clock is sweet and cuddly.

  2. angelcel says:

    That nose!!! 😀

  3. LisaF says:

    No advice here. We have sibling kittys too. In fact, with our daughter living with us while hubby is in Afghanistan, we have 4 siblings together, plus one adopted sister. You can read about them at: Send in the clowns « peripheral perceptions if you are curious.

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