Sorry SuziCate – Forgot the Spanish Moss!

Oops… Addendum:  SuziCate reminded me that I failed to mention the beauty of the Spanish Moss. It is gorgeous. The way it drapes the trees and kind of hangs over the streets  is very charming so I am adding a few pictures of that. 

Spanish Moss in Savannah

This morning Hubby and I got up and walked a couple of blocks to Clary’s Café for breakfast. The food was great and apparently they have been in business since 1908. Hubby adds they have a great jukebox in addition to the great music. It has mostly 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music and a lot of the music comes from the employees.  As our server put it, if they have to be there all day listening to it, it may as well be something they want to hear. She said she was one of the fairly “new” employees, only having been there 10 years.  They are open 7 AM to 4 PM during the week and 8 AM to 4 PM on weekends.  Their coffee was great.  I noticed they grind their own beans.  To top it off, they were very reasonably priced. 

We decided to walk around a while after breakfast despite Hubby having pulled a muscle in his thigh yesterday.   He decided he wanted to find the park where they shot  the opening scenes of Forrest Gump so we found the church where they dropped the feather from in the opening credits or as one of the locals was trying to tell us “Yeah, that where they dropped that butterfly at the beginning of that Gump movie.”  Oh, really?  Was it a dead  butterfly?  Cause if it wasn’t I’m pretty sure it would not have been “floating” down through the air. It would have just flown off, right?  Anyway, we just let him talk.

Church in Savannah where the feather was dropped from in Forrest Gump

The steeple the feather was dropped from.

Then we had to find the “bench” where Tom Hanks sat waiting for, wait… what was he waiting for?  Can’t remember… anyway he was sitting on the bench for a lot of the movie it seems telling some lady about his life and Hubby wanted to find that bench!  We walked until we found the park, which is Chippawa Square, BUT… the bench is not there. They apparently only had it there as a movie prop and it is now residing in some museum somewhere , but,  at least we got to see the spot where it was.

The spot where Foresst Gump waited on his bench (that's not there anymore!).

And we got to go back by Parkers, The Urban Gourmet.  Such a cool place.  They have some stuff that I have never seen any where else.  It’s like an “upscale” convenience store.  They have a little deli section that sells wraps, and croissants with chicken salad or tuna salad and it’s the only convenience store I’ve ever seen anywhere that sells Caprise salad!  They have a whole section that sells just hot sauces and herbs.  A whole end cap that is probably taller than me devoted to Olive Oil.  Their coffee stand has about every flavor of creamer I have ever seen. They even have a hot tea section that has more selection than any gourmet grocery store I have ever seen.  They have homemade desserts (they sell cake by the slice but have probably 20 different kinds) and cookies.  They have those big jars of serve yourself candies and things and even have pink candy corn but since it’s pink they call it something else I just can’t remember what they called it.  So, if you go to Savannah you have to find Parker’s but only the Urban Gourmet one. They have several locations but we were told that is the only one that has The Urban Gourmet. I think it’s on Drayton. Anyway, they have a selection of things you would not believe.

Hubby fascinated by the hot sauce selection at The Urban Gourmet

So, now it’s back to the real world.  Our little Savannah weekend is behind us and I will miss all her charms until I can find another excuse to visit for a few days.  If you get the chance, I think you’ll love her as much as we do!


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4 Responses to Sorry SuziCate – Forgot the Spanish Moss!

  1. suzicate says:

    I think the Spanish moss adds a romantic/mysterious ambiance!

  2. Angelia Sims says:

    What a nice weekend y’all had. Savannah is beautiful!

  3. Jane says:

    I adore Savannah and lived there, just off of Chatham Square. So beautiful. Thanks for taking me back there through your posts!

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