I think I’m in love! Shhhhhhh… Don’t tell Hubby!

Yes, it seems I have fallen in love again.  So, please don’t tell hubby.  The object of my affection is by turns sometimes charming and sweet, sometimes sultry and sexy, or  sometimes hot and sweaty!  And ALWAYS laid back. . .

Yes, the object of my affection is Savannah, as in Georgia.  I have fallen completely in love with this laid back little city. Not so much that I want to move there or anything but I do like to visit as often as possible.  I like how going to Savannah is like being on a different time plane than anywhere else. Not a different time zone, it’s a little different than that.  It seems like everything moves at a little slower pace.  It seems like no one is in a hurry.  They just take their time. 

I love all the parks.  The city is laid out around lots of little parks. Not big huge parks like most cities have.  Just a bunch of these little “squares”.   And the roads don’t seem to run straight down the sides. They all seem to come out in the middle –  which makes driving trickier.  It seems like it’s quicker getting around by walking or the little pedi-cabs.  Don’t get me started on those.  I think those are SO cool.  I know… I’m a dork, but, it is SO relaxing to me to sit on the back of one of those pedi-cabs and have someone else pedal you around.  I’m sure they probably have them other places but this is the only place I’ve ever seen them.  Nothing beats being here on a warm day or better yet evening and being in the back of a pedi-cab and having the breeze blow through your hair as you whiz by the traffic… ok, we’re talking Savannah so I guess there really isn’t any traffic.  

Welcome to The Dresser Palmer House

My favorite place to stay in Savannah is The Dresser Palmer House.  If you ever get to go to Savannah you have to check them out.  I know Savannah is FULL of restaurants and Bed and Breakfasts, but,  I think The Dresser Palmer House is special.  Built in 1876 by Henry Dresser and Samuel Palmer, this 11,000 square foot Italianate townhouse provides a variety of distinctive accommodations.  It boasts the longest front porch in Savannah.  


 Every morning they serve you a full “Southern” breakfast and every evening they have a “wine and cheese” social so you can get to know your fellow travelers.   All of this is included in the price of your stay.  Each bedroom has it’s own bathroom and all the bathrooms were remodeled about a year ago.  Almost all of the rooms have working fireplaces too.  Hubby loves the juxtaposition of having the old fashioned bedrooms and the very modern baths.  Allison, who envisioned  and designed  the changes now manages the Inn.    Check out their web-site:  www.dresserpalmerhouse.com.   I don’t think you will be disappointed. 

Our sitting area from our last stay

Another thing I love about Savannah is the restaurants.  To be such a small city it seems to have an inordinate number of restaurants. One of our favorites is a new restaurant called Leoci’s Trattoria.  It is at 606 Abercorn about a block or two from the Inn.  The owner and chef, Roberto Leoci, has worked at some of the finest restaurants.   He and his wife, Lacey, run the restaurant.  It is very small and only seats like 40 people so it is best to make reservations to make sure you get a seat. Their web site is www.leocis.com.  Hubby and I ate there tonight and it was delish! They have a very impressive wine list too. 

Last time we were here we ate at a restaurant called Local 11 ten  and it was great too.   http://www.local11ten.com   It’s a few blocks further away on the other side of Forsyth Park.  This morning we ate at J Christopher’s  http://www.jchristophers.com  for breakfast and it was great there too.  I don’t think I’ve visited a “bad” restaurant here.  

I think our favorite things to do here are either walk along River Street checking out the shops and sitting on the front porch of the Inn with a coffee (me) or tea (hubby) and watching the world go by at a snail’s pace. 

One of the many parks

So, the next time you find yourself with a long weekend and you just want to get away for a couple of days, come and visit my new love.  If you let me know ahead of time, I’ll be happy to join you!  Honest…. I don’t mind at all!


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5 Responses to I think I’m in love! Shhhhhhh… Don’t tell Hubby!

  1. suzicate says:

    Savannah is beautiful…and you forgot to mention the Spanish moss…I think tha gives it even more of a quaint appearance. Glad you guys enjoyed the trip!

    • pegbur7 says:

      I actually took a picture of that. I just didn’t post it in here. I was gonna put it on Facebook though! That’s one of Hubby’s favorite things too.

  2. I have always wanted to see Savannah. And now, when I do, I know who to call…

  3. Angelia Sims says:

    Ohhh you she devil you!! Did you ever watch that show Savannah? It was a spin off from Melrose Place. It had like one season. George Eads from CSI Las Vegas played in it. I named my daughter Sydney because of the character.

    Love your pics and the description of the B & B. Good to know!!

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