Would You Like Fries With That?

 I was going to write about my wake-up alarm today but Hubby provided me with too good of another opportunity not to share it.  Anyone who knows my hubby knows he LOVES to cook. Nothing in the world makes him happier than cooking (except maybe ME…hahaha).  So last night when he comes home I had been cooking up a storm.  I don’t cook often.  I don’t need to. He loves to and it’s pretty much just the two of us left at home.  Youngest still technically lives at home, she’s just never there. Lately she has been complaining there is nothing in the house to eat because when we DO cook, we end up throwing out most of it because no one eats it.  So I cooked several different dishes last night so she couldn’t complain for a few days at least. 

Hubby also loves to iron. Yes, iron.   Aren’t I a lucky woman?  We stayed with my parents for a couple months after our youngest was born and he was training for a new job in VA.  He had to get up really early and didn’t want to wake me and my mom is a very early riser so she would catch him trying to iron his shirts and taught him to do it correctly so that he became quite good at it.  It kind of became a little ritual for them.  He now absolutely LOVES to iron. Maybe it just reminds him of his little special time with my mom?  

Every morning he gets up and irons his clothes before work. Maybe it gives him a little quiet time to reflect on his upcoming day?  Anyway, this morning I get up and I hear him ironing in the bathroom and I stumble into the kitchen to get my coffee.  He practically knocks me down to get my coffee.  Yes, he had started my coffee for me when he got up.  I told you I’m a lucky woman!  So, we get my coffee and I go back in the bathroom.  I’m in the closet getting my clothes for work and he’s in the shower and he calls out to me… “Ummm…. I guess I must have been more jealous of you cooking last night than I thought.”   

Me:  What are you talking about? 

Hubby:  Oh, you’ll see when you come out. 

As I walk by the ironing board THIS is what I see: 

Over easy or well done?


Would you like fries with that well done iron spot?  I smiled and said “You know I’m gonna have to write about this?”  I have a feeling he may provide me with even more fodder for my blog than Mama does for SuziCate! 

Bless his heart!


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3 Responses to Would You Like Fries With That?

  1. Oh, it sounds like an episode of “I Love Lucy;” I never saw a real iron mark like that on a shirt before!
    He likes to cook and iron?? Lucky you.

  2. suzicate says:

    Poor baby…tell him it’s enough room for a part time (you) cook in the house! Just when I come to visit, I want HIS cooking!!!

  3. pegbur7 says:

    Yes, Maureen, I AM a lucky woman. Suzi…. thanks… I think? I would say see if I ever cook for you again, but, that might be your point! LOL Love you anyway!

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