I See Stupid People!

Or in this case I heard them.  I work for a golf and country club outside Atlanta. Or as one of the residents likes to say, it’s not so much a country club as it is a club in the country.  Now I am by NO means saying country people are stupid. I am definitely a country girl, born and raised and I am not stupid.  Ok, maybe that’s up for debate sometimes. 

This particular country club is closed on Mondays unless it’s a holiday or unless they are having a special tournament, which does not happen often.  The fact that it is closed on Mondays is published in their newsletter that is sent to every household.  It is also published on the website, posted on the board outside the club AND on the message when you call the club.   I DO work on Mondays because I work in the office and it’s typically easier when no one is there and I can get a LOT more done when I don’t get a lot of interruptions.  It is usually just me and the maintenance guy.  Last Monday (a week ago) was the Monday after our biggest snow in like 5 years. Granted it was only like a half an inch but for us that’s a LOT . . .  AND the ground was still covered with snow and ice, as was the golf course.  A lot of the course was also covered with plastic sheeting  to protect the grounds.  And most of the roads out there still had lots of places that the ice was still completely across the road.  On top of that we were closed (and this had also been published) for two weeks for renovations.

So, Monday afternoon I’m in my office and the phone rings (you have to listen to a recording and choose whether you want the Golf Shop and tee times or the office, etc), so, I answer the phone and this resident says “ I’ve been trying to call the Golf Shop all day and they aren’t answering”.

Me:  Yes, sir. They are closed. It’s Monday.

Man:  Oh, so I can’t come play golf?

Me:  No, sir. The course is closed. We are always closed on Mondays.

Man:  So, you’re saying I can’t come and play?

Me:  No sir. It’s Monday.

Man:  Well, are they gonna open later today?

Me:  No sir. I believe it’s still gonna be Monday later today.  Besides it’s like 15 degrees outside and the course is covered in ice.

Man:  So… is the Driving Range open?

What I wanted to say was… “Sir, can you please hold while I get a pen to take down your email address so I can send you your sign?”

WOW… I really didn’t think he needed a response. I don’t think he would have heard me anyway since he obviously wasn’t listening.


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4 Responses to I See Stupid People!

  1. suzicate says:

    HAHAHA…guess some other people (like your phone convo yesterday) prepare you to deal with other idiots!!!!!!!!

  2. Talk about not speaking the same language…

  3. Angelia Sims says:

    If he gets his numbers and colors down, he’d be a real threat to society (and days of the week). Lol!! Too funny Peg!

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