Baby – Here’s Your Sign!

I ended up not working almost the whole month of October which turned out to be a good thing. I had a lot going on. I walked the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for Breast Cancer.  I had wanted to take the last couple of days before the walk to rest up for it and get all my stuff packed etc.  I also wanted to take a few days after to recuperate. But, that is another blog all together.   

The day BEFORE the actual walk, my husband informs me that he wants us to paint the window trim on the garage windows because they are peeling.  Note that he said he wanted US to paint the windows. It WAS a beautiful day.  We had gone out to breakfast and I asked as we were leaving if we had everything we needed to paint the windows.  The restaurant we ate at was in the parking lot of the Home Depot.  Paint? Check.  Sandpaper?  Why do we need sandpaper?  Brushes?  He got ONE…. I asked how he expected US to paint with ONE paint brush (I found out later)?  We went and purchased another brush and the sandpaper and when we got home I started sanding the old paint off the windows.  By the time he got outside I had already finished one window and gotten out all the supplies and was ready to go.  Mind you he bought ONE PINT of paint….. Note we have 21 windows in our house PLUS the garage door PLUS 4 doors that lead to the outside that needed to be painted.  I asked him how he planned on painting ALL THAT TRIM with one pint of paint.  His brilliant answer?  I was only planning on us painting the garage windows for now because they are closest to the road.  OK…. And when we go to paint the rest of the trim how are you gonna make sure the paint matches if you don’t get it all at once? OH…. He didn’t think about that….really???  

This is a man who runs a MULTI-MILLION dollar company….. He has the nerve to sometimes complain when our kids don’t use common sense?  Hello, honey… HERE’S YOUR SIGN!  He also didn’t get a pan to pour the paint in, or the tape to put on the window panes so that it wouldn’t get on the windows. But, in his defense, I didn’t think about it either while we were at Home Depot.  I guess I thought he had thought far enough ahead to get them himself.  

 So, he comes out and scrapes about ½ of HIS window and disappears again. I’m painting away and turn around and he has pulled one of our outdoor love seats onto the walkway and is sitting there eating a biscuit watching me paint!  Really?  Wasn’t this HIS idea?  I asked him weren’t WE supposed to be painting and he said he was hungry and was gonna start in a minute.  I continue painting, he goes inside and a few minutes later I go in to go to the bathroom and now he’s cooking.  Ummmm…. Weren’t you supposed to be outside helping me paint?  “In a minute… I’m just gonna get this started.”  That’s when I realized he purposely only bought one paint brush because his intention all along was for ME to do the painting!  I finish the first window and finish sanding the second window and just happen to pick up the paint can.  Here is the paint can:  

Paint Hubby bought to paint OUTSIDE window trim

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?  I take the paint can into the house (after I snapped this picture) and go “Honey, look at this paint can. Does anything about this strike you as odd?”  He says no and I ask if he’s REALLY sure he doesn’t see anything weird  and he says no.  So I point to the front of the can and say… “It says interior paint.”  And incredulously he says “So?”  I repeat what I said and he’s like “I don’t get it. Paint is paint, right?”  Hello??? Is anybody home??? I couldn’t believe that I had to explain to this otherwise really smart man that INTERIOR paint is for the INTERIOR of the house and that EXTERIOR paint is for the outside. I kid you not he looks and me and asks  “What’s the difference?”  I said (In terms he could understand since he is in the restaurant business) “Honey, that is like saying –Flour is flour… what’s the difference in using self-rising vs. plain vs. cake flour?” He goes “They are made for different things. They react differently when you cook.”  BINGO…. I think we have a winner!  I actually had to explain to my HUSBAND that exterior paint was made to withstand the weather and that interior paint was not.  So, I went back to Home Depot by myself and got MORE paint – EXTERIOR paint, and the tape and the container to put it in while you’re painting, etc. and when I got home I asked him to PLEASE… just stay inside and cook while I go outside and paint. Yeah, we kind of have a backwards marriage.  I do that kind of stuff and he cooks, but it works for us!   

End of the day I had the garage windows painted and he had dinner cooked.  Here is a picture of the finished product.  I think I did ok!  

gatage windows

Finished product

Of course I still have the remaining 19 windows plus the doors… but I am sure that will be another blog!


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5 Responses to Baby – Here’s Your Sign!

  1. suzicate says:

    How can you not forgive a man who cooks?!

  2. NikNik says:

    I actually started laughing out loud when i got to the part about daddy sitting down to eat a biscuit. I can just see him sitting there, legs sprawled out in front of him, arms crossed, eating biscuits and grinning like a monkey!!! Funny stuff!

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